Data Assessment

A complete assessment of your data infrastrucutre, data integrety

Data Architecture/Infrastrucure, Data Engineering

Setup Architecture including servers, cloud setup, databases and data piplines and ETL

Data Science

Data Analysis, analytics, visualization and custom dashboard

Quantitative Research

Quant Modeling and research and Machine learning/AI Modeling Develop trading Algorithims and ML/AI based trading models

AI driven technology and solutions

Application development for data rich projects including biotech, wearables, biomedical and genetics/dna.

Digital Assets Expertise

Specialized Crypto/blockchain Analytics. Mechanisim design.


Consultant Service

Product Development

Data Analysis

End to End Solutions

We provide expertise along the data stack

Data Aqusition and infrastructure Layer

Everything from data capture and aquisition to creating unique data sets and housing it in the required infrastucure

ETL and Analysis Layer

We make sense of the data to provide unique actionable insights

Visualization Layer

We build custom dashboards to view, share accross technical (data science teams ) and business teams

Quantitative strategy Layer

We apply ML Models to various Quant Trading models including arbitrage powered multiasset multiexchange liquidity to undervalued Digital Assets

About Us

QuantCreative inc is a Data lab

We test and build the Fullstack of data solutions that allows our partners to extract insight and implement solutions that provide high ROI for companies and exponentially grow thier buisness

Meet The Team

QuantCreative Inc is Founded by Ash Aly

Ash Aly CIO

Ash Aly, Quant/Data Scientist, Design thinker, and Analytics expert. 10 yrs building data-driven analytics and Financial technology.

Partners, and Clients

We stand on the shoulders of these fine organizations